The Lahore Qalandars Players Development Program brought to light the immensely talented youth of the nation from all over the country. We saw several cricketers who were a sight for sore eyes, but never did we imagine that we would find the rarest of gems during the trials.

The type of cricketer which has no precedent in world cricket, an ambidextrous 21-year-old fast bowler from the streets of Rawalpindi; Yasir Jan.
We caught up with him in an exclusive short-interview and here is what he had to say:
How did you start fast bowling?
Yasir: I started bowling fast after watching Brett Lee and after that Dale Steyn has been my idol.
When did you start delivering with both your arms?
Yasir: I started practicing as a child. I used to copy every upcoming bowler with both my arms, I still do that. I bowl spin with both my arms as well. Whether it is leg break or china-man, I try to copy their actions. From Bard Hogg to Zulfiqar Babar, I enjoy bowling their respective actions.
An ambidextrous fast bowler is nowhere to be found, what is your ultimate dream given the talent you have?
Yasir: My ultimate dream is to play for Pakistan. I have been given an opportunity now, I will strive to put in an excellent performance and hopefully will play for Lahore Qalandars senior side one day.
Did you believe you would get selected in the Lahore Qalandars Players Development Program?
Yasir: I had hope because Allah has given me this unique talent, this ability to bowl fast with both arms. Now to get a platform to develop myself, I am very hopeful to make it to my ultimate goal. If you work hard and be disciplined, you definitely get to your goal.



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