Qalandars is an honorific title given to a saint who is at a very high level of spirituality. They are different from other saints and have very strong feelings of love for God’s creation. Qalandars, among the saints, are those persons who may enjoy freedom from the ties and bounds of time and space. Qalandars spread the message of love and humanity & have strong connection & RECALL with Lahore/Punjab/Pakistan.


Qalandars is an old word but has strong longevity. Also, it has a very strong connection to music and it keeps getting new leases of life due to the concept’s usage in the most popular songs/qawwalis, etc. from time to time. Nusrat Fateh Ali’s (and other qawwals’) most memorable Qawwalis and lately, It comes with strongly associated very popular “tag lines and slogans”, such as “Dama Dam Mast”, “Mast Qalandar Mast”, etc.

About Cricket and Pakistan

With billions of people around the world sharing the thrill and excitement of Cricket, Pakistan has always been at the forefront of world class cricket performance. Our players are best in the world and our nation has the potential to produce even more cricket gems in the years to come. We have shown it in the past and we will show it again.

Responsibility is Ours

I strongly feel that it is our responsibility to provide a strong engagement platform to our youth which gives them a chance to show and shine on the horizon of international cricket. Having said that, Pakistan Super League is a step in the right direction and comes at the right time. It is the platform we have been looking for that could represent and revive Pakistani cricket. I congratulate Pakistan Cricket Board for making this dream come true by giving Pakistan a Cricket League of its own. The power of PSL will lead our cities and provinces rise above individual interests and create an atmosphere of national harmony, peace and hope.

About Lahore Qalandars

We choose the name “Lahore Qalandars” for the Lahore Team to highlight the sufi culture of lahore, Punjab and Pakistan which is all about love, tolerance and peace. ‘Qalandar’ is a true representation of what Pakistan stands for, a country for its people regrdless of their cast, ecthnicity or religious affiliations.

To Our Sponsors

We have played our part by creating Lahore Qalandars team and I invite you to be part of this great success story and to create new history in Pakistan.

Qalandars High Performance Centre

A Complete Pathway for Cricket Athletes



Qalandars always believe in the ideology of empowering youth of this country. For this purpose, Lahore Qalandars have taken initiatives for channelizing inner cricketers in hundreds of people by providing them the platform through Players Development Program over the last three years. This time Lahore Qalandars is about to launch another initiative for its youth by providing them a proper cricket academy with the aim to facilitate cricketers from grass root level with maximum amount of learning, growth and grooming under the supervision of the best names in the business.


Our Mission is to encourage the multidimensional progress of cricket all over Pakistan, by facilitating cricket enthusiasts of all age groups to avail the opportunities to train and play in a professional set-up.


Our vision is to develop cricketers from a grass roots level to eventually play at the highest standards of the game through the guidance and support of those legends who have conquered the world.